Cholula the Corgi admiring nature while lying in the snow. New England Winter 2018.

New England Weather: Cho’s Heaven

“The first fall of snow is not only an event, it is a magical event. You go to bed in one kind of a world and wake up in another quite different, and if this is not enchantment then where is it to be found?” —J. B. Priestley

The first snowfall of 2018 has come upon us dwellers of the Northeast! I’ll admit “Bomb cyclone” has been, by far, my favorite weather-inspired panic term—”Snowpocalypse”‘s  overuse has rendered it much less threatening by now…

For many a snow cynic, snowfalls mean blocked roads, exhausting shoveling, and the uneasiness brought about by the thought of driving to work with icy roads… Perhaps, though, even them might join in the feeling that all of their cold-induced dread seems to fully, even if just temporarily, vanish amidst the magic of the snowy woods.

Cholula the Corgi puppy laying in the snow. New England Winter 2018.
Cho. Laying in the snow.
Cholula the Corgi admiring nature while lying in the snow. New England Winter 2018.
Cho. Admiring nature.
Snowy woods, flowers closeup with Cholula the corgi puppy in the background. New England winter weather 2018.
Some flowers. Behind them, Cho.

Since the first snow of the season, Cho has gone absolutely mental with excitement about anything pertaining to the snow, including but not limited to:

I had not truly thought about it until I sat down to write this article, but, isn’t it a marvel how snow-loving dogs radiate with such genuine and pure excitement, much like human children do, when they first come across snow? The clear sense of awe in their expressions as they first encounter it, experiment with grabbing it, stepping with a heavy foot on the soft, sinking, snow-covered ground? Their contagious joy of playing, jumping, and running in it is hard to avoid.

It is amazing to me that dogs can share in that same excitement as we do. For a while, the whole group forgets about the bone-chilling cold, and indeed the gamboling, the lonely but inviting woods, and the distant glimpse of civilization, make you feel as if you were in a completely separate world.


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